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You'd Have To Be Here To Believe It

Mar 12, 2010

BackTeching is a blog run by Chris Devivo, Director of Media Technology for the Pittsburgh Penguins, that offers behind-the-scenes updates of CONSOL Energy Center.

March 19, 2010

Earlier in the week Penguins CEO Ken Sawyer showed off the new seats and sight lines from the upper bowl at CONSOL Energy Center. During the tour we also saw the steel components of the center-hung video board on the floor ready to be assembled.

Imagine my surprise when I walked out from the main concourse this afternoon and saw this:

Absolutely a defining moment. After nearly a year of looking at CAD drawings, reconfiguring, planning, speculating and imagining, to see the structure sitting on the floor of CONSOL Energy Center was truly unforgettable. I'd compare it to looking at your child the first time after waiting and wondering for nine months, but my wife would probably smack me for the comparison.

Try to imagine looking at this from eye level in the suites and upper bowl. Heck, anywhere. In case you missed yesterdays post, I did an "in the box" comparison of the video screen at Mellon Arena compared to the main video screen here at CONSOL. Keep in mind that my high-tech graphic did not include the 5 foot high board that is above the center video screen that will display time and scoring information during play.



March 18, 2010

Scoreboard Perspective

I have a more in depth post coming later, but this is something I've wanted to do since the blog launched. Not saying this is perfectly accurate, but it's pretty close.

The scoreboard at Mellon Arena is approximately 10w x 9h. The Mitsubishi screen at CONSOL Energy Center will be about 25w x 15h. I created the images in Photoshop at 300dpi using 1 pixel = 1 inch and then blew it up to 300 percent.




March 12, 2010

Took a walk around CONSOL Energy Center this afternoon will NHL Off-Ice Official Phil Spano (anytime you spend time with Phil you are compelled to drop his name afterward) and remembered to take an actual camera with me.

First let me say the speed at which this building is coming together is amazing.  I'm there at least 2-3 times a week and I see progress every trip.  Hats off to the trades, contractors, and managers over there - these guys are serious business. Made it to a few areas today that I hadn't been to in quite a while.  None left more of an impression on me that the "brew pub" on the upper concourse.  Check out the view:

This area is big.  Very big.  Let me tell you right now that photos or even video will not do this area justice.  You have to see this area to truly appreciate it.  

Keep in mind that this is not my area of expertise, but from what I gathered this is a giant brew pub area, and it stretches from nearly end to end of one side of the arena. If you have seats in the upper concourse, you are going to love it there.